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About Elizabeth L. Theodore (Liz), founder of the Lily Wish Factory:


Believe it or not,  I used to be quite shy.  A few years ago, I was beginning to get out of my shell when a sparkling spirit (I named it “Lily”) came to me and danced above my head.  It was like a breath of fresh air~ a radiant light~ a flow that traveled right in to my heart.  This flow energized my soul, my thoughts, and everything around me.  For days, I kept saying to my husband and family, “I’m a Lily.”


Within three months, doors opened, signs appeared and I left my job as a bank manager to follow a dream.  I opened a store in downtown Mystic and just days after I opened, I wrote the verse, “If your clock is wound too tight… Let the cuckoo out.”  YES, the cuckoo was out, indeed!  I turned it into a greeting card and was immediately struck with the idea to write a lesson from Lily.  “Lily’s Life Lesson #1”:  “Forget about what other people think.  If you think purple socks go with that formal satin evening dress, you have a fashion sense that just hasn’t happened yet.” And then I kept writing… Lily flows through every verse.  When I filled up my card rack, I turned each lesson into a magnet, bookmark, plaque, and a page in a book!  The collection of my first fifty lessons is in my book, “Let the Cuckoo out.”  Then, I wrote a collection of lessons for kids, called “Lily’s Lollipop Moments.”  The lessons keep coming and I keep writing them.  For every verse, I draw an illustration.  They come out looking like cartoons.  I think there is a connection in there somewhere about expressing joy with child-like simplicity, but I haven’t figured all of it out yet.  I mostly move with the spirit.  And I also decided I don’t want to figure it out anyway.  I like the wonder.  It has been over four years since I opened my store and wrote my first lesson.  The store was my springboard and now the world is my playground.  I have an on-line store, and travel to gift shows and book events.  I also write a monthly newsletter, called the “Lily Connection.”   The passion which moves me forward in ways I sometimes can’t even explain is sharing the joy and the light, and it moves through Lily.


This joy is much too big to keep all to myself, which is why I opened up the Lily Wish Factory to help other authors follow a path of dreams.


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Lily Wish Factory

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Share the joy.

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